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Super(User) is an asymmetric, CO-OP puzzle platformer. One player wears a VR headset and guides the other player along.

This only works with SteamVR, and you will probably need to configure the SteamVR button mappings. You will need to download Steam to get it. Note that it is possible to use a Windows Mixed Reality headset. (A Samsung Odyssey+ was used to record the footage, which is not a native SteamVR headset.) If you have a headset which is not compatible with SteamVR, I cannot help you.

The PC player can move with WASD or the arrow keys, and jump with the space bar.


This was made in 2017 while me and my brother were at college. We showcased it to our game development club, where we got positive feedback. It was originally made using the club's HTC Vive.

At some point, I updated the SteamVR package for the project, so it should play a little better with new SteamVR versions. That being said, no promises; it may break with a future SteamVR update.

Originally, this was going to be a stealth game. We ran out of time, but we had enough to make it into the puzzle-platformer that it is today. It's fairly easy to build levels, so if that sounds interesting, I encourage you to clone the repo on GitHub.

To make the platforming for this work, I had to build my own character controller. I've expanded this character controller to work in 3D. You can try out this newer version here, and that also has its own GitHub repo.


Autofire: Code, design
ArmyUnit: Models, animations
Seven: Sound effects


Super(User) -- Windows/SteamVR 21 MB

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